Masks were required for all actors and persons attending the show at Franklin Park Arts Center per Loudoun County’s mandate for public facilities, of which Franklin Park Arts Center is one.

2021-12 Winter – A Christmas Carol

Director and Screenplay writer: Mike Goshorn


The Original Dickens’ Classic with a twist!
What if the audience could see the chains and weights that Scrooge forged in life. All the basic expressions and sayings with a Spiritual battle manifesting around the actors.

Production Information

Performed at Franklin Park in December 2021.

DATE(S) OF PERFORMANCE:  Aug 10-19, F/S 7:30p, Sunday 2:00p

36441 Blueridge View Ln, Purcellville, VA 20132

Ticket Price: $15.00 kids under 15 and Seniors, $20 for Adults, bulk discount for 10 or more tickets

This show was held at the very end of the COVID-19 (2020-2021) Pandemic.

The Cast

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