This document sets out the policies used by Goose Creek Players for all of its productions. Policies can be waived only by a majority of the board of directors.


GCP: Goose Creek Players, Inc.

Adult: Anyone aged 18 or older.

Cast: All persons who appear on stage as characters during a performance.

Close Family: All persons who are Adults and any of the following with respect to a subject person: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, legal guardians, and siblings.

Company: All Cast and Crew.

Crew: All persons who assist in the creation of a production, stage, sound, lighting, set design and erection, costume designer, and seamstress(es) etc…

Director: When not a reference to a member of the GCP board of directors, “Director” refers to the person with overall responsibility and authority for creating and delivering a GCP production. A director has the last word on any decision concerning the production, except if such decision would cause the production to go over budget, or if such decision would reflect negatively on the company as a whole.

For All Company Members

Director’s Authority:

The Director’s decision is final as to all matters.

Company members agree to follow the Director’s instructions.

The Director may permanently dismiss any member of the Company from a production at any time.

Behavior Towards Others:

All Company members will refrain from any activity that a reasonable person would know constituted behavior that was offensive to another person.

All Company members will refrain from any activity that a reasonable person would see as dangerous to any other person.

Adult Company members will not physically make contact with other Adult Company members unless they have the other Adult Company member’s prior permission to do so.

Unless authorized by the Director or his/her assistant(s), other members of the cast or crew may not provide directions to other cast or crew members.

Behavior Towards Minors

All Company members will refrain from any activity that a reasonable person would know constituted behavior that was inappropriate in the presence of Minors, whenever Minors are, or might reasonably be expected to be, present.

Adult Company members agree not be the only Adult alone in a room with any Minor Company member unless that Adult is in the Close Family of all Minor Company members in the room.

When any Adult Company member finds themselves in violation of the foregoing paragraph, that Adult will immediately act to be joined by a second Adult Company member or, if no Adult Company member is available, by any other Adult.

No Company member will physically make contact with a Minor Company Member unless they are in that Minor’s Close Family, are in the presence of and have the permission of a member of that Minor’s Close Family, or has previously provided written permission for contact to the Director from that Minor’s parent or legal guardian.

All Company members will refrain from any behavior that another Company members asks be discontinued, to the extent that it is reasonably possible to so refrain.

Personal Responsibility

All Company members will refrain from being intoxicated, smoking, and all illicit activity while actively engaged in a GCP production.

All Company members will be present at all rehearsals and performances for which their presence is scheduled by the Director.

All Cast members will have memorized their roles, including lines, blocking, and other details, by the date set for being “off book” by the Director.

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