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Goose Creek Players is one of the fastest growing theater companies in Loudoun County!  Founded in 2018 by Mike Goshorn, Stevens Miller and Anita Ault they have brought dramatic and comedic theater back to Western Loudoun in a big way!

The combined acting, directing, technical and production experience  of the board is over 100 years. 

 We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation, with a dedication to educating members of the community in all aspects of the community theater from acting, to production.  However, our motto is that “We Entertain” and we strive to deliver high quality productions.

For questions or comments, please email mailto:Info@Goosecreekplayers.com .  

Meet Our Board Members

Name Position First Year of Service Current Term
Mike Goshorn President/Founder/Executive Producer/Jack of All Trades 2018 2024-2027
Anita Ault Treasurer/Founder/Props 2018 2024-2027
John McArthur Secretary 2020 2023-2026
Misty Gottlieb Website Manager 2022 2023-2026
Holly Gray House Manager 2023 2023-2026
Melissa Barton Marketing and Concessions Liaison 2023 2023-2026
<Open> 2023 2023-2026

Previous Board Members

Name Area of Interest First Year Service Last Year of Service
Stevens Miller Secretary/Founder/Tech/Sound/Lighting 2018 2020
Gregg Carter Tech/Sound/Lighting/Graphic Arts 2020 2024
Nick Padden Costumes Manager 2020 2023
Michael Carter Social Media Coordinator 2020 2023

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