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Directions to Franklin Park Arts Center

We perform many of our shows at the Trillium Gathering Building, which is located at 18915 Lincoln Road, Purcellville, VA 20132.  

Take Route 7 to Purcellville.  We suggest not using a GPS or Google maps as both may take you via back roads.  

Go south on 287.  

Continue straight through the traffic circle.

Turn left onto Lincoln Road at the first stop sign. The road sign on the right will say Maple Street.  

Continue to follow Lincoln Road for approximately one mile.  Keep right on Lincoln Road.  

Go over the 2 one lane bridges.  

In approximately ¾ of a mile, keep right on Lincoln Road where the road takes a sharp right turn.  

At the top of the hill just past the fence, turn right onto Trillium Lane.  

Go past driveway to the house until you come to a T intersection.  (Please do NOT turn into the house’s driveway!)  

At the T intersection, turn right.  Continue until you come to building on the right.  That is the Gathering Building.  

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