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Cinderella: One Upon a Time

Performance is at Franklin Park Arts Center.
Performance dates:  April 19-21 and 26-28  
Tech week is from April 15-18

 Download the audition form and character descriptions

AUDITION INSTRUCTIONS for Cinderella: Once Upon a Time

You’ll find that our staff is fun, friendly, and supportive.  At auditions you just have to RELAX and show us what you’ve got!  We’re looking for three things:
1.       Be loud and clear when you speak and sing.
2.       Good acting.  Be “natural” when you act and sing.  BE your character.
3.       Pleasant to work with – friendly, dependable, well-behaved, and willing to work with others.  So listen to the staff, follow our instructions, and be nice to the others who are auditioning.  We will not cast prima donnas.

             Feel free to ask us any questions.


Print and fill out an AUDITION FORM from this website, and bring it to auditions.
Or you can fill out the form at auditions; we will provide blank forms there.
Auditions will take place in January 2024 on the following dates:

Thu, Jan 25, 7:00-9:00 PM                  Fri, Jan 26, 7:00-9:00 PM                   Sat, Jan 27, 12:00-3:00 PM

at the Sterling Community Center

You only have to go to one audition, not all three.  No appointment necessary, just walk in.




AGE 15 to ADULT, choose one pair of monologues from the Audition Monologues link on this website (below).  (For example, both Cinderella monologues, or both Prince monologues, etc.)  If you don’t see monologues for the character you want, that’s okay, just pick any pair.  You may print the page and bring it, or you may use a copy we’ll have at auditions.
When you’re called, you will do both monologues on the page for us.  You don’t have to memorize them, but try to be natural and BE the character.  We’ll give you time to practice if you wish.
KIDS 14 and UNDER, choose the “ALL CHILDREN’S ROLES” monologues.  There are two monologues there, but you will only do one of them.  Pick either #1 or #2, and when you’re called, read that one for us.
If you would also like to audition for the part of Reynard the Dog, we’ll give you a chance to act like a dog for us.
            You don’t have to memorize your monologues, but we’ll give you time to practice if you wish.  Try to be natural and to BE the character.


        Vocal Audition with our accompanist.

·      You will sing a selection from one song of your choice from the Audition Song List link on this website, and only from this list.  We have marked the section you will sing**.  You may print it and bring it, or you may use the copies we’ll have available at auditions.
·      You don’t have to memorize your song, but try to PERFORM your song (that is, do some acting while you sing).
·      You must sing with our accompanist.  NO “a capella” songs.
·      After singing, you may be asked to sing the scale, in order for us to verify your vocal range.
**Sheet Music will be available at a later date.

For Example:

You want to audition for the part of the King (or Queen).
First, you look below and find the two monologues below under the “THE KING AND QUEEN”
so be very familiar with the two monologues under that section below. You will be asked to perform them (memorization is not required)

Then you look at the song list under “Male Adult” if you are going for the King, or under “Female Adult” if you are going for the Queen.  Pick one of the songs to be familiar with.  In my example I want to be the King, so I will pick “Consider Yourself”

List of Songs

Audition Songs



 choose one of the following:

  • “Maria” (from West Side Story)
  • “A Whole New World” (from Aladdin)
  • “If I Loved You” (from Carousel)
Male Adult or Teen Roles (besides the Prince):

choose one of the following:

  • “Be Our Guest” (from Beauty and the Beast)
  • “Sunrise, Sunset” (from Fiddler on the Roof)
  • “Edelweiss” (from The Sound of Music)
  • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” (from The Lion King)
  • “People Will Say We’re in Love” verse 2 (from Oklahoma!)
  • “Consider Yourself” (from Oliver!)

choose one of the following:

  • “In My Life” (from Les Miserables)
  • “Reflection” (from Mulan)
  • “If I Loved You” (from Carousel)
Female Adult or Teen Roles (besides Cinderella) OR Any Male or Female Children’s Roles (age 14 and under):

choose one of the following:

  • “Be Our Guest” (from Beauty and the Beast)
  • “Sunrise, Sunset” (from Fiddler on the Roof)
  • “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” (from The Lion King)
  • “People Will Say We’re in Love” (from Oklahoma!)
  • “Consider Yourself” (from Oliver!)
  • “Matchmaker ” (from Fiddler on the Roof)

If you don’t know any of the songs above, you may sing “Happy Birthday” if you like.

Tips for your best vocal audition:
  • Sing in the style of the musical that the song came from; please don’t add extra words or excessive “scooping”. We’re not looking for Pop Stars.
  • We are looking for CHARACTERS. Show off your acting ability while singing, using facial expressions and movement.
  • Prepare yourself by practicing in front of a mirror, or by watching a video of yourself.
  • Have confidence! Whatever you sing, be loud and clear. Sing with gusto!



1. Cinderella has arrived at the castle but hasn’t got the nerve to enter yet. She runs into the Prince, who was going outside to get away from the maidens all desperate to marry him. Cinderella doesn’t realize that he’s the Prince.
“Oh! Excuse me, sir. I didn’t realize anyone else was out here. I know, I know, I should be inside,
dancing. But… well… I’m a little nervous. No, that’s not true, I’m not nervous. I’m terrified. You see, I’ve
never been to a ball before, at least not since my father died. If I go in there, I-I won’t know what to say
or… or how to act or… or anything. (laugh) Oh, I hope you don’t mind me talking like this. It’s just that
I’ve been standing out here for several minutes, trying to build up my confidence… and not succeeding.
And then you showed up. And if I may say so, you appear to be someone I can talk to. Your smile, your
demeanor… they make me very comfortable. Oh, dear, you must think me terribly forward to ramble on
about you this way. I do appreciate your patience with me, but I came here to dance with the Prince,
so… I guess I’d better march in there and start dancing. (laugh) Did that sound confident? It… um… it
was meant to. Well, here I go. Farewell, kind sir, and thank y-… I beg your pardon? Y-you wish to escort
me inside? Why, you are most kind. Thank you, sir.”
2. Cinderella’s Stepmother tells her to clean up the house because the Prince is searching the kingdom to find the girl who fits the glass slipper. As Cinderella starts to become dreamy, thinking of the Prince, the Stepmother gets suspicious.
“The Prince? Stepmother, did you say the Prince? The Prince is searching for this girl? I-I never
realized. I mean, that’s very noble of him, Stepmother. (gets all dreamy-eyed, like in a daze) And very
romantic. Well, of course, we must be ready for his arrival. I’ll go and, um, polish the… No, I mean I’ll fix
my hair. And then I’ll sweep the… I mean, change my dress. After all, when he gets here, I want to look
my best, isn’t that right, Stepm-… (snaps out of it) Wh-why are you staring at me? What? Go to my
room? You mean now? But, Stepmother, I have to be here when the Prince arrives, because when he
sees me he’s sure to recog-… I-I-I mean, when he sees me, he’ll.. he’ll… (starts backing away in fear) No,
please. Please, Stepmother, let me stay. I-I just want to s-see the Prince when he arrives. That’s all.
(almost in tears) No, please, please, Stepmother, I beg you! Don’t send me away! Please don’t send me

THE PRINCE                                                                                                

1. The Prince has just escaped from the crazed maidens at the ball, and has come outside the castle, where he runs into Cinderella, who was too nervous to go inside.
“Oh, pardon me, miss. I didn’t see you there. I was inside the ballroom but I just needed to step outside for a few moments to get away from… to get some air. May I ask why you’re out here?… You’re nervous? About what? About dancing? About the crowd?… Or maybe, about the Prince?… That’s it, isn’t it? Well, I’m sure that… when you, um, meet him… you’ll be a lovely and stimulating dance partner. In fact, if I were the Prince – which I’m not – I would be enchanted to meet you. If I were him, that is. Which I’m not. (clears throat, awkward) My, um, what a lovely gown you’re wearing. It is quite attractive. May I ask where you bought it?… Your “godmother” made it for you? Interesting. She must be quite talented. And I couldn’t help noticing the shoes. They’re quite unusual. Are they actually made of glass? They are? Are they… comfortable? Hmm. Well, I would like to thank your godmother for providing such a beautiful outfit to such a – if I may be so bold – to such a beautiful dance partner. My lady, may I escort you inside? And… may I have the pleasure of the first dance?”
2. It’s the day after the ball, and the King and Queen are ready to choose a bride for the Prince, but he tries to talk them out of it.
“Father, Mother, I must protest. It isn’t my fault that the girl ran away last night. I assure you,
she and I were having a most pleasant evening. It wasn’t until midnight that she fled without a word. I
tried to catch her, tried to get her name, but it was too late. She was gone…. But please, you can’t
betroth me to the Princess Ulrika. Not yet. I can’t give up so easily. I have a plan. I’ll try this slipper on
every maiden in the kingdom if I have to. I know, I know, today is the deadline, and by law I must be
married. But I have until sundown, and I’ll use every flicker of daylight to find her…. I’ve never felt this
way before, Mother. It’s like she stepped out of a dream, a glorious dream. And for those few brief
hours that we held hands, shared thoughts, and looked into each other’s eyes… something happened. I
fell in love. I looked deep into those eyes and I fell in love. The perfect woman, Father. She’s real, she’s
out there. And even though I lost her, how can I live the rest of my life knowing I never even tried to find
her again?… Please let me try. Please.”

THE KING and QUEEN                                                                           

1. The King and Queen are welcoming their son, Prince Jonathan, back from his travels.
“Welcome home, Jonathan. It’s good to see you. The castle hasn’t been the same, blah blah
blah, all right, enough with the pleasantries! Let’s cut straight to the point, Jonathan. Did you propose
to the Princess Alyssandra?… I’m sorry, perhaps I should rephrase the question: Did you propose to the
Princess Alyssandra like you were specifically sent to her kingdom to do?… “Not exactly”? How do you
“not exactly” propose? “Princess, will you marry me? Don’t answer that just yet.” Jonathan, you know
the law. You must be married before your next birthday. That’s less than a week from now! And if you
don’t find a bride, then we are required to find one for you. And we would most likely choose… the
Princess Ulrika. After all, Ulrika would make a wonderful bride, once you get past her… and the way
she… and that strange thing that she… Well, once you get past all that, she’s rather tolerable. Face it,
Jonathan, there’s no way around it. You’ve got to marry by Sunday. We’re sorry, son. We wish we could
help, but we don’t make the law…. Well, actually we do.”
2. The Prince had just tried to convince his parents to let him try to find the girl with the slipper. Now the King and Queen react to his idea.
“Jonathan, the idea is preposterous. You want to carry this thing from dwelling to dwelling and
see if you can find a maiden who fits it? Do you realize how many houses there are in the kingdom? Do
you realize how difficult a task you’re asking?… (sigh) Look, Jonathan, we understand how you feel.
Love – true love – is a precious stone that a person can sometimes spend his whole life looking for. we
wish things were different, we honestly do. But to find one girl in all the kingdom – a girl who may be
nothing more than a spirit, borne out of desperation – is a fool’s errand at best…. I’m sorry, that was
harsh…. Very well, son. You have your wish. If this is your dream, then you deserve the chance to try to
find it again. You have until nightfall. But to maintain the integrity of our ancestors’ laws, we must add
one condition: That when you find the maiden who fits the slipper, you accept her as your bride… even if
she’s not the girl from last night. Good luck, son, and God be with you.”


1. Lemaire greets the Prince as he steps from his carriage.
“Your Highness, welcome home! (calls offstage to the stable-hands:) Henri, Madeleine, see to
the horses, please! (to the Prince again:) So, Jonathan, why are you just standing out here? It’s good to
see you again. I trust the trip went well?… Um, I can tell by your expression that it did not. Let me
guess, the journey was uncomfortable?… No? Wait, wait, don’t tell me. The… Albanian Court was
inhospitable?… No?… (sigh) It was the Princess, wasn’t it? Oh, Your Highness, the Princess Alexandra?
I’d heard she was the epitome of regal manners and dignity. Then again, I’ve also heard she – how shall I
put it? – could offend a sailor. Ah, Jonathan, I’m sorry. You’ve conversed with many an eligible lady over
the past few years, and none of them have been suitable. Remember Princess Octavia, the one who ate
like a pig but without the manners? And the Countess of Saint Francis, who ended every joke with a
punch to the arm? Princess Adelle, and all those cats? And how about Aurora? Oh, wait, you never met
her. They kept telling you she was asleep.”
2. The Prince and Lemaire are at the last house where they will try to find a girl who fits the slipper. If they fail, the Prince has promised his parents that he will let them choose a bride for him. Lemaire is sympathetic.
“Your Highness, I must remind you: This is the last house on this road. Yes, there are other
houses and other roads across those fields over there, but… it’s also the last of the daylight. You
promised your parents that you would return by nightfall. Jonathan, I know you’re dejected, and you
want to blame your parents. But I’ve known King Frederic since before you were born. He is not an
unreasonable man. He’s been very understanding all these years while you’ve been searching for a
bride. And even you admitted that this slipper idea was… rather desperate. So I ask you, Jonathan…
please… keep your promise to him. Allow him the dignity of maintaining the laws of his esteemed
forefathers. So… If we should fail to find anyone to fit the slipper in this last house… you will agree to
marry the Princess Ulrika? She’s really not so bad, you know.”


1. The invitation for the ball has arrived at the house, and to the Stepmother’s and Stepsisters’ surprise, Cinderella’s name is included. The two Stepsisters protest.
“Bernice, Capricia, be silent!… Well, apparently the invitation is for everyone. Including you,
Cinderella. (to Stepsisters:) Bernice, Capricia, stop that grumbling! Very well, Cinderella, I suppose you
may go. All you need is a suitable gown by next Saturday, and you may come with us. (to Stepsisters:)
Oh, will you two shut up already? Honestly, it’s no wonder I have migraines!… Where was I? Oh, yes.
Come up with a gown, Cinderella, and you may come. Oh, and make sure all of your chores are caught
up by Saturday night. (watches Cinderella leave, then speaks to the Stepsisters:) All right, listen to me,
both of you! I have no intention of letting her go to the ball. Shut up and listen to me! Between now
and Saturday, keep her busy. Any chores you can think of… anything at all… Don’t let her rest for a
moment. Don’t give her time to make a dress or to finish her chores. I’m counting on your help…. As for
me, I’ll be making sure…. Oh, stop smirking, you two, it’s unbecoming!”
2. The family is excited that the Prince is coming soon with the glass slipper. But watching Cinderella’s dreamy reaction makes the Stepmother realize that maybe she was the girl at the ball.
“What is wrong with that girl? She acts like she’s in a daze. What could possib-… Wait. No. It
can’t be. It’s impossible…. Cinderella, come here. (peers closely at her) Cinderella, I want you to go to
your room in the shed. Forget about mopping the floor, it can wait. Go to your room…. (growing more
ominous) Do you hear me, Cinderella? Go to your room and stay there until I call you…. Are you
listening to me? What are you planning, Cinderella? Why did you sleep in so late this morning? Why
haven’t you finished your chores yet?… (explodes with anger, slapping Cinderella:) Shut up! You’re
nothing but a useless serving girl! You’re beneath the Prince’s notice! Now, go to your room! Take that
dog, and both of you stay hidden there until the Prince is gone, or I’ll make you sorry you were ever
born!… (Cinderella leaves, then Stepmother turns to the Stepsisters) You two have exactly two minutes
to get rid of this mess and get back here, ready to meet the Prince. And don’t you dare fail me.”


1. Bernice and her sister Capricia are looking over the Stepmother’s shoulder as she opens the invitation to the ball.
“An invitation? Is that an invitation, Mother? That’s wonderful! It’s so wonderful! What’s an
invitation?… (Stepmother explains) Oh, so that’s what it is. An invitation! But an invitation to what?
Open it, Mother! Oh, it’s so exciting. What does it say? A masked ball? A masked ball, held in honor of
Prince Jonathan’s upcoming birthday? Ooh, let me see, let me see! It says it will be held this Saturday
evening at the grand ballroom in the Paris!… Oh, wait, in the “palace”. Sorry. Oh, but Mother, I can’t
believe it! We’ve never been invited to the palace before! Wait! The Prince will be twenty-one, won’t
he? Mother, do you think he’s looking for a bride? Isn’t that the law or something? It must be! The
Prince is looking for someone to marry! That means… he could choose me! Or he could choose Capricia
but I doubt it. But he could choose me! Oh, and look, all our names are on the invitation: Mother,
Capricia, myself, and… “Ella”? “Ella”? (realizes:) Cinderella? No! It has to be a mistake, Mother! She’s
nothing but a serving girl! I don’t want to sit with her! Don’t let her go, Mother! Please don’t let her
2. Bernice comes bursting in the front door of the house, excited to tell the Stepmother and Capricia the news.
“Mother! Mother! You won’t believe it! Out there! You won’t believe it! Capricia, you won’t
believe it! Out there! He’s coming! He’s coming, Mother! I saw him! He’s coming! I heard from Mrs.
Miller next door, who heard from Lady Winifred, who heard from the baker’s cousin… Oh, oh, oh, you
won’t believe it! (dramatic pause to take a breath) The Prince! The Prince is on his way! Here! He’s on
his way here! I know it sounds crazy, but listen! He’s visiting every house in the kingdom! He’s trying
to… Now I forgot. (thinks) It’s in here somewhere. Oh, I remember! He’s trying to find the girl! The
Prince has been searching all day! He’s trying to find the girl he danced with last night. The girl he
couldn’t take his eyes off of. The girl who lost the glass slipper! And how is he going to do it, you ask?…
Come on, ask…. Never mind, I’ll tell you anyway. The Prince never got her name, but he’s got the slipper,
and he’s trying it on every maiden in the whole kingdom! And if he finds someone who fits the slipper,
then she… Ooh!… She gets to marry the Prince! Really! It’s true! He’s out there now! He’s at the house
just down the road! He’ll be here any minute! I’ve gotta fix my makeup.”


1. Capricia is at the ball with her sister Bernice. They’re watching the Prince dance with the “mysterious princess”, actually Cinderella. Capricia moves onto the dance floor and tries to dance in parallel to the Prince and Cinderella, trying in vain to attract the Prince’s attention.
“Your Highness! Your Highness! Look over here! Remember me? We danced a short while ago.
Remember? We didn’t get to talk much. You know, I’m eighteen years old, not much younger than
yourself. (as she gets rolling, she starts talking faster and faster) Um, so I enjoy pottery, arm-wrestling,
and playing the trombone. My favorite color is pink but Mother doesn’t like pink so she won’t let me
buy anything pink but then she’s always liked my sister better. I haven’t kissed a boy since I was ten
years old when I made little Johnny Harkwood kiss me, but he was so scared he threw up on me five
seconds later. I’m told I have perfect skin but that’s not true because I have this really big rash that you
can only see when I lift up my… (back to normal speed) Oh, um, sorry. Awkward. (storms back to
Bernice) All right, who is she, Bernice? And how can she distract him from me? I mean, look at her.
Look at that hair, that figure, that gown! She’s… she’s… she’s… Don’t say she’s beautiful, Bernice!…
Come on, I need more champagne.”
2. Capricia came downstairs because she heard her sister Bernice calling for Cinderella.
“What’s all the noise down here, Bernice? (Bernice is startled and turns on Capricia, but Capricia
isn’t scared) Oh, gee, I didn’t mean to startle you. You might have injured me with your dainty hands.
Now, what’s all the yelling down here? I can’t concentrate on my trombone lesson. Is Mother looking
for Cinderella? Well, that’s not surprising. Mother’s always looking for Cinderella. That useless girl is
never around when we need her. What does Mother want with her this time? More chores, I’m sure.
Well, I’ll help look for her. I’ve got some things I need her to do, too. (calls:) Cinderella! Cinderella! You
know, I haven’t seen her in the last hour. After she cleared the breakfast table I saw her polishing the
banister. And later I heard her outside beating the rugs. But I haven’t seen her since. Maybe we should
tell Mother. (gets a wicked idea) Actually, I did notice that she never finished polishing that banister.
Oh, yes. She probably decided not to do anymore chores, and she’s hiding somewhere to make Mother
angry. What a naughty servant she is. Let’s do it, Bernice. (calls:) Oh, Mother!…”

FAIRY GODMOTHER                                                                             

1. Cinderella is crying because her Stepmother and Stepsisters have destroyed her dress and left for the ball without her. The Fairy Godmother appears and approaches her.
“There, there, child. Dry those tears. (Reynard the dog starts barking at her.) Oh, my heavens!
I forgot about your dog. (to Reynard:) I warn you. Don’t make me use this wand. Okay, you asked for it.
(waves the wand) Oops. I’m sorry, I just meant to quiet you down. I didn’t mean to turn you into a cat.
But… it appears I used the wrong magic spell. I’ll fix it, but hang on. (to Cinderella:) Good evening,
child. I’m sure you’re wondering who I am. Well, I’m your fairy godmother. What am I? I’m… your fairy
godmother. Well, what do you know? It’s an all-purpose answer! I come from a place beyond time,
beyond the realm of mere mortals, where I and my kind observe the doings of everyday life here on
Earth. And I’ve been observing you, Ella. Or should I say, Cinderella. Since you were born. Since you
were knee-high to a grass-catcher. Oh, no, wait. “Grasshopper”! Since you were knee-high to a
grasshopper. And it’s all because of your kindness, your gentleness, your inner beauty. You have a good
heart, Cinderella – a heart that’s been denied happiness for too long. I’m here to change that. You
deserve to have your wish come true. I’m only allowed to step in and help you once in your life, and I
believe this is that time, Cinderella. This is that time.”
2. The Fairy Godmother is using her magic to prepare Cinderella for the ball.
“All I ask, child, is that you believe. Oh, goodness, we need to get started. First, a way to get you
to the palace. Hmm, it’s too late to hire another carriage. Tell me, have they invented limos yet?
(Cinderella is confused) I’ll take that as a no. We’ll stick with the horse-drawn carriage. No sense
confusing people. (giggle) Although it’d really blow their minds if you flew in wearing a jet-pack. But
no, carriage it is. Let’s see, do you have anything we can use as a template? Something fairly large.
Smooth. Sturdy. Maybe some color. Why don’t you look in the kitchen, dear? (continues to search)
Hmm. Let’s see… No… No… (Cinderella returns with a pumpkin) Oh, a pumpkin! That’s perfect, dear!
Bold, innovative! Good streamlining, too! Yes, this will most definitely do. Now, you’d better set it
outside. Otherwise we’d never get it through the door…. Right there. Yes, that’s the spot…. Now, stand
back. If I don’t get this right, you’ll be cleaning up pumpkin seeds for a week. (waves wand) There you
go! A beautiful carriage! Oh, it was nothing really. Jet-packs are much harder.”

ALL CHILDREN’S ROLES (14 and under)                                          

1. The Aide to the King and the Aide to the Queen have gathered with their friends in the palace. All four youngsters are talking about how their days went. You are reading as one of the Aides.
“Does everyone want to hear the latest gossip about the King and Queen? Well, we’ve got some
good stuff today. We were all in the courtyard, and the King asked me what was next on his agenda.
And as usual, he kept forgetting what I said, so he asked again every five minutes. I kept biting my
tongue to keep from laughing! (laughs) Oh, and just now, they were drinking lemonade. So the Queen
says she needs more sugar, so I put in another scoop. She keeps asking. So finally I pour in the whole
bowl! And she never even notices! She drinks the whole thing! (laughs) Well, we’ve got work to do.
And remember, we should all practice dancing so we’re ready for the ball on Saturday night. Yes,
dancing! Ewww, right?”
2. You are one of the town children, and you are with your whole family as they walk to the castle for the ball. You’re a child who just can’t stop talking.
“Mom, do we have to be on our best behavior when we meet the royal family? Will the Queen
give us treats, Mother? Will they let us wear their crowns? Mother, Paul is touching me. Can’t you
control him? Can we ride the King’s horse? Can we go up in the tower? You know, I’m the oldest, so I
can do whatever I want. Can we play hide and seek? Can we swim in the moat? Can I fire the catapult?
Are we there yet?”

REYNARD THE DOG                                                                               

The Director will tell you to get down on your hands and knees, then do the following when he tells you to:
  • Pretend you’re happy to see Cinderella come into the room. Bark happily and go greet her.
  • Pretend you’re sad because Cinderella is on her knees, crying. Whimper as you go to her and nuzzle her to cheer her up.
  • Pretend you’re angry because a stranger has just entered the room. Protect Cinderella by barking, growling, and trying to chase the stranger away.


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