I have long been interested in acting, and singing.
I was in many plays when I was in elementary school, and have always had a pleasant voice.
In church I often did skits, and sang in the choir.
In college I kept doing skits with Christian clubs, and caroled or sang when I could.
I kept on being a ham, when I could, but lost touch of acting and singing until 2013, when my daughter came home one day after accepting a role in Children of Eden. She exclaimed that they were short men, and that if they didn’t get enough, they might have to cancel.
I summed up the courage, and auditioned. One of the few times I have felt so terrified in my life.
Next thing you know I was in the show, and over the next 5 years my thirst was not quenched.
Finally in the Summer of 2017 I was given the chance to direct, “You Can’t Take It With You”.
In the interim, I had been involved in set design, lighting, sound, etc…
I may not be Cecil B DeMille, but I have a penchant for directing, and my natural leadership experience from the Army has come in handy.

I am excited to be part of Goose Creek Players.
I look forward to working with Stevens Miller and many others in this first season and beyond!!